Episode 15.
Guest Mix: SEO John

Feb 2024 - 01h 52m 33s

On this 15th edition, we are handing over the turntables to SEO John, a rising Dj & Producer from South Korea with a deep-rooted love for the melodic and emotional realms of progressive house and trance, made famous by the likes of Sasha and John Digweed at the turn of the century.

Across the next 2 hours, expect a meticulous selection of tracks that reflect not only his prowess behind the decks but a stunning portrait of progressive’s golden era.

Interview and tracklist below.


SEO John Interview

Welcome to Give Trance A Chance John. For those that dont know you, tell us a little about yourself

Hello there, I’m a producer & DJ from South Korea and I’ve been composing tracks which are influenced by 90-00s progressive house & trance.

What was the inspiration behind the mix, and did you have a specific theme or mood in mind when creating it?

I always felt progressive house & trance have melodic and emotional characteristics, and that’s the reason I got into those genres. In this mix, I’ve tried to select progressive house & break from 2004~2005, which have lots of melodic elements and I think it’s great to listen when you’re feeling emotional.

You’re not only a DJ but also a talented producer. How does your experience as a producer influence your approach to DJing, and vice versa?

I’m always trying to dig new music not just for DJing but for personal pleasure. But as a producer, I’m listening more carefully to find some interesting elements that I can use to make my tracks feel something new. Also, I tend to get lots of good inspirations from melodic progression from prog & trance when I’m working on a track.

How has your musical taste evolved over the years, and are there specific phases or genres that played a significant role in shaping your current preferences?

When I was starting to listen progressive stuff, I tended to listen to earlier eras (90s to early 2000s). But these days, I’m digging more progressive house & break from the end of the golden era (2004~2005), because it has lots of melodic elements and some special emotional mood at those times. But it’s a shame that it has a limited library, because the prog movement has ended after the golden era. so i’m having a hard time digging new music these days.

What does the future hold for the SEO John project?

I was having a break from music for a while, because of various personal issues. But eventually, I will start composing tracks again and thinking about releasing new tracks via a newly made label by me which is focusing more on melodic & emotional progressive stuff. I would really love to revive and continue the movement from the golden era of progressive.


1. Opencloud – The Life [2005]
2. Sasha – Ohmna [1996]
3. Yvel & Tristan – Pillow (Original Mix) [2007]
4. Espen & Elusive – Shexy [2005]
5. The Emissary – Synapse (Original Mix) [2010]
6. Dousk – Aeon (Original Mix) [2004]
7. Derek Howell – Another Day [2008]
8. Osamu M – Moon Over [2004]
9. Rob Curtis – Quicksilver (Anisotropic Mix) [2009]
10. Dousk – Wrist Slap (Kasey Taylor & Karlos Elizondo Edit) [2005]
11. Snake Sedrick – Untouchable (Original Mix) [2007]
12. Matthew Dekay vs. Proluctors – What If [2005]
13. Marek – Me Chali [2006]
14. Kaan Duzarat – Organic Intellectual (Baunder Remix) [2004]
15. Matt Darey Pres. Li Kwan – Point Zero (Leama & Moor Remix) [2004]
16. Envio – Time To Say Goodbye (Özgür Can Remix) [2004]